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PhoenixBuilds is a design studio that uses Minecraft as a tool for education, marketing, and entertainment. Our team creates Minecraft maps for companies, organizations, and server-owners with a mission to inspire awe and joy within people. Interested in using a Minecraft map for your business? Contact us through our Hire Us page, or click the Contact Us button, below. We want to start construction on your masterpiece as soon as possible!

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High Quality Custom Services Looking for Custom Builds, Graphic Designs, Plugins, for your Server? We got you covered! Shop from the #1 Service Team in the market.


Choose the build that best suits your needs, and if it is necessary to modify it to your liking, contact us. we will do it with pleasure


Our creative-minded builders are eager to make your request a reality. Our builds vary small to large and we will tailor the build to your personal preference.

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